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European Beer Industry: Producing Nearly 900 Million Liters of Non-alcoholic Beer per Year

European Beer Industry: Producing Nearly 900 Million Liters of Non-alcoholic Beer per Year

With time, the patterns of beverage consumption are changing. People now prefer those beverages that contain less or no alcohol. Because of this reason, the non-alcoholic beer is on demand. The increasing health awareness amongst the customers to the injurious effects of alcohol is probable to impel the growth of the industry.

Market Players

The governments are setting up new rules for alcohol consumption. According to these rules, individuals under 18 are not allowed to consume liquor. This rule is also moving the youngsters towards the non-alcoholic beer. It is also expecting to propel the size of the non-alcoholic beer industry. Furthermore, there are different consumer conditions in which alcoholic beer is not allowed. For instance, pregnant or lactating women and taxi drivers should avoid alcohol consumption. This factor will also increase the demand for alternatives like non-alcoholic beer.

On the other hand, there are diverse market players around the world that are undertaking the research and development wits. They are intended to advance the methods for the development of non-alcoholic beer market. The end-usage and the commercial likelihood of this item is the focus of these developers and researchers.

The Machinery

With the increase in demand for the non-alcoholic beer, the beer industry is focusing a lot on their machinery. Moreover, the machine providers are making use of new technological innovation in their machinery to facilitate the beer industry. Such as, Qihui Cross-boarder E-commerce Co. ltd is offering a huge variety of beer filling machine. Each automatic machine contains filler, rinser and capper monoblocks. The beer bottling machine makes use of the stainless steel to reduce the wear and make the machine easy to clean.

European Beer Industry: Producing Nearly 900 Million Liters of Non-Alcoholic Beer Per Year According to the Brewers of Europe, the non-alcoholic beer production has increased 2 percent by value. The beer industry of Europe has produced nearly 900 million liters of non-alcoholic beer per year. Since 2013, the rise of this beer category is 50 percent.

Beer production has touched the 8th year height in the continent. The output of Europe had reached 2 million hector-liters to 39.6bn liters with the exports increasing the growth.

In the United Kingdom, the production of non-alcoholic beer had increased up to 6 percent which means 45.7 million liters in 2018. However, in 2013, the country could produce 38.4 million liters. The major increase was for Portugal where the production increased up to 8 percent which implies that 7 million in a year.

However, all the beer production companies are making the most of the new automatic beer filling machine. This machine can decrease the production time which is beneficial for the entire industry.

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