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How to Use the Beverage Filling Machine can Extend its Useful Life

How to Use the Beverage Filling Machine can Extend its Useful Life

For this problem, many customers have asked our technicians about how to use the beverage filling machine. However, there is no trick to using the filling machine. As long as we follow the instructions of the machine, there will generally be no problems. The second is to do a good job of daily maintenance of the beverage filling machine.

The usual maintenance  is the key to avoid excessive costs, because the purchase of the machine is only a one-time investment, and the maintenance in the future is a better investment. If the maintenance link is done well, it can save more cost for the enterprise, bring more benefit. Based on years of experience in production and use, Qihui Machinery filling equipment manufacturers have summarized several points of knowledge about the maintenance of filling machines. Generally, they can carry out the maintenance through several points.

Beverage Filling Machine Maintenance

1. Keep the whole machine dry, regular maintenance inspection, regular cleaning of various parts in the irrigation machine, such as the filter and storage water cup of the air and water separator, filter core must be put mineral oil, and then blown with compressed air;
2. Often check the oil in the filling fog to keep to one-third of the cup

2. Avoid scratching the machine with sharp and hard objects when cleaning the filling machine. If there is any pollution, please use alcohol to wipe it; Keep the body of stainless steel clean, equipment one-way valve, stainless steel three pass, the cylinder must be often disassembled.
4. Complete the operation in strict accordance with the instructions for use. Do not arbitrarily remove important components and affect the filling accuracy. If the cylinder has been lubricated at the time of delivery, do not open the cylinder or add any lubricating oil;

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