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Bottled Water Beverage Solution

Bottled Water Beverage Solution

The market for bottled water is huge and competitive, the bottled water includes pure water and mineral water. Small bottled water packaging sizes range from 350ml to 3.5L; large barrels of water are usually packaged in 3 gallons and 5 gallons; we offer a full range of bottled water filling equipment.

Bottled water solution

Bottled Water Beverage Solution(1)

Bottled water is potable water that is packaged in bottles for personal use and retail.

Bottled water is generally divided into: pure water, mineral water, mountain spring water;

According to the packaging classification, it is divided into: bottled water and barred  water.

Small bottled water specification: 350ml 500ml 1.5L 2L 3.5L 5L

Barreled water specification: 3 gallons and 5 gallons

Qihui Food & Beverage Machinery can provide you with different types of filling line configuration solutions to complete the establishment of a new water plant.

Technology of Pure Water

Technology of Drinking Pure Water

Reverse osmosis membrane technology

The technology of purified water is rigorous, especially reverse osmosis (RO) is the most advanced, energy-saving and effective membrane separation technology nowadays. Reverse osmosis technology uses RO membrane with pore size of 1/10000 micron (equivalent to 1/6000 of E.coli size and 1/300 of virus) to change high concentration water into low concentration water through precise filter, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter and so on. At the same time, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in water are separated completely. In order to meet the physical and chemical indicators and hygienic standards for drinking, Reverse osmosis equipment uses membrane separation technology, which can effectively remove charged ions, inorganic substances, colloidal particles, bacteria and organic substances in water.

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In general, only 50% to 75% of the raw water is utilized in the process of production. That is to say, only about 0.4 kg of pure water can be produced from a kilogram of tap water or groundwater, while the remaining 0.6 kg of water can not be used as drinking water, only for other purposes.

Mineral water solutions

Mineral water is divided into natural mineral water and non-natural mineral water. Natural mineral water refers to water that gushes out from deep underground naturally or is collected by drilling. It contains a certain amount of minerals, trace elements or other components, is not polluted in a certain area and taken preventive measures to avoid pollution. Mineral water should be generally not heated, cold drinks or slightly warmed, preferably not boiled. Because mineral water generally contains more calcium and magnesium, and has a certain degree of hardness. Calcium and magnesium precipitate easily when boiled, which is what we often call scales. This not only loses calcium and magnesium, but also causes sensory discomfort. Therefore, the best drinking method of mineral water is to drink directly at room temperature.

Technology of Mineral Water

Technology of Mineral Water

Hollow Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology

Raw water flows under pressure in the outer or inner cavity of hollow fiber Ultrafiltration, forming external pressure and internal pressure respectively. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process. The intercepted substances can be removed with concentrated water, without blocking the membrane surface, and can be operated continuously for a long time. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is one of the earliest developed polymer separation membranes.

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology is a new and high technology widely used in water purification, solution separation, concentration, and extraction of useful substances from wastewater, wastewater purification and reuse. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation process, no heating, energy saving, low pressure operation and small occupied area of the device.

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration machine

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is widely used in the preparation of mineral water ; reverse osmosis equipment pretreatment; tap water purification treatment; seawater desalination pretreatment; purification treatment of wastewater reuse; removal of colloids and bacteria in water; turbidity removal of low-alcohol liquor; purification of fruit wine, beer and other wines; purification of tea juice, preparation of concentrated tea, etc. because of its special properties

3 gallon - 5 gallon Barreled water solution

There are many kinds of barreled water on the market, including pure water, mountain water, mineral water, mineralized water, activated water, ionized water, etc. Because of different water sources and different manufacturing processes, the kinds and contents of trace elements in different kinds of barreled water are also very different.

3 gallon - 5 gallon Barreled water filling line process

3 gallon - 5 gallon Barreled water filling line process

350ml-2L bottled water solution

Bottled water market is huge, equipment investment is small, so profit is  considerable. According to the utilization rate of 50%, two tons of raw water can produce one ton of pure water or mineral water, 500 ml PET bottle can fill 2000 bottles,Converting raw water into commodities can bring you more economic value. 

350 ml - 2L bottled water filling line process

350 ml - 2L bottled water filling line process

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