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Fully automatic PET bottle blowing moulding machine

Fully automatic PET bottle blowing moulding  machine

The fully automatic PET blow molding machine is the most stable two-step blowing equipment in our engineering use. It is from one cavity to six cavity and can blow bottles of different capacity, from 0.1 L to 2 L, used for the production of PET/PP bottles of various shapes.


 1. The automatic PET bottle blowing machine is with safety ratio, no harm to the human, can avoid the danger of taking out bottles by hand and  reduce the loss of accident, improve the efficiency.

 2. High speed high efficiency: Servo motor blowing

 3. Saving labor: The machine can be operated by one person or one person can operate two sets, saving 3~4 labors.

 4. Stable performance: Adopts world famous brand PLC touch screen Human~Computer Interface, has the characteristics of accuracy, high speed, stable performance. The structure is simple, heater and main machine adopts slipway, convenient for maintenance.

 5.The automatic blowing machine adopts double crank shaft, main connecting rod linkage with strong clamping force, have the function of mould close boost pressure when high pressure blowing bottles, the action stable and reliable.

Fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine(图1)

 Main Technical Parameter 






Number of cavity  






2800-3000 BPH

4500-5000 BPH

6500-7200 BPH 

8000-9000 BPH

Max Container Volume  

1 L

1 L

1 L

1 L

Installation Power   

25 kw

50 kw

86 kw

110 kw

Actual Power Consuming  

12 kw

20 kw

36 kw

45 kw

Machine Dimension

2.0*1.6*1.8 m

3.0*1.8*1.8 m

5.2*1.8*2.2 m

6.8*2.0*2.2 m

Machine Weight

1.8 T

3.0 T

5.0 T

6.5 T

Note: The machine data, parameters are only for reference . The non-standard machine can be customized by the buyer's requirements.

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