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Food and beverage filling line

Ten years of experience in food and beverage engineering

We are an integrator of food, juice and beverage filling production lines. We have many in-depth cooperative beverage machinery manufacturers in China, and ten years of experience in the construction and installation of food and beverage engineering projects, let us witness the manufacture in China.

  • Process Recipe

    In China, we have a laboratory for food and beverage formulas, and some classic beverage products have won the market.

  • Packaging Equipment

    Liquid food and beverage engineering is our specialty, we configure production line equipment according to customer needs.

  • Food Safety Production

    The quality and safety of food and beverages are closely related to human health and are fundamental to manufacturing compani

  • Made in China

    Qihui Company creates an internationally competitive food and beverage equipment integrator. Proud to be made in China.

Beverage filling production line solution

Bottled Water Beverage Solution

Bottled Water Beverage Solution

Pure water and mineral water bottled products have a huge competitive market. We offer you 350ml-3.5L, 3-5 gallon bottled water production plan.

Vegetable and Fruit Beverage Solutions

Vegetable and Fruit Beverage Solutions

With the deepening of the concept of health, fruit and vegetable beverage market potential is huge, more and more consumers pay more attention to health.

Carbonated Gas Beverage Solution

Carbonated Gas Beverage Solution

Qihui Food and Beverage Machinery provides you with different types of carbonated beverage production equipment (bottle type optional: PET bottle, can, glass bottle, etc.)


About Us

Qihui Food and Beverage Machinery

Henan Qihui industrial co., ltd. was founded in 1993. In response to the call of China One Belt And One Road, it registered Henan Qihui cross-border e-commerce co., ltd. in August 2018 , with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. Qihui industrial co., ltd. has a wide range of business in China, including steel, beverage machinery, environmental protection machinery, auto parts, large excavators and other projects.Qihui food and beverage machinery has been operating in China for more than a decade. We have many successful beverage engineering cases and have been recognized by customers. We do not produce our own equipment. As a food and beverage mechanical integration service provider, our advantage is to provide 100% satisfactory service for customers. Years of industry construction experience is also the basis of our foothold.In recent years, China's machinery manufacturing industry has de...

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